Verzi Lab of Gastrointestinal Research

We’re fascinated by all aspects of intestinal biology. Here’s a a look at a small stretch of intestine. This undulating epithelial pattern of crypts and villi repeats millions of times along the length of our small intestine.

We’re fascinated by all aspects of intestinal biology. Here’s a a look at a small stretch of intestine. This undulating epithelial pattern of crypts and villi repeats millions of times along the length of our small intestine.

We pursue questions of basic intestinal development and homeostasis, as well as various aspects of intestinal health. Our studies have focused upon the development of the intestine, normal intestinal function, intestinal stem cells, the role of cellular metabolism in intestinal health, inflammatory bowel diseases, and colorectal cancers. Many of our projects employ epigenomics, mouse models, or patient-derived organoids.

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Some of the recent/most relevant works:

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